What is IMD? What is IML?

What is IMD? What is IML? Many people who have just come into contact with this industry and crafts are not aware of these two concepts, and the people in the industry may not explain enough, so that everyone has been difficult to figure out. The following small series explains the two concepts in the most popular language, and strives to let everyone understand after reading this article.


IMD, in abbreviated modle decoration, in this case refers to a process, called the Chinese injection mold, or mold decoration, which is treated sheet such as a PET film, wood, bamboo skin, etc. into Buppee In the mold cavity of the injection mold, the mold clamping and the plastic injection molding together form a technology that does not separate the whole.


IML is a kind of IMD. The sheet of IML is PET film, so the middle grain is called in-mold film injection molding, and the sheet is usually processed through multiple processes before injection molding with plastic. For example, sheet processing The screen printing including the premise, four-color printing, etc., and then punching through the punching equipment, and then the punched and cut sheet is subjected to hot press forming treatment. The IML process is processed by PET film, and the surface treatment of PET can be enriched by the color and pattern on the PET film by various processes such as silk screen printing, four-color printing, and electroplating. Therefore, the IML process has an advantage in color and pattern processing, and can express almost any pattern and color. Because the surface treatment of IML products is the surface treatment of PET film, it does not need to change the mold like other processes. The efficiency has improved significantly. In addition, the shape of the product of this process can also have curvature, curve, etc., so it is more flexible in design than the ordinary flat processing technology; most importantly, because the pattern and color of the product are printed on the inside of the film, the pattern is not easy to make. It fades, is not easy to fade, and can protect the bright and new for a long time; these make IML products widely used.


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Post time: Aug-07-2018
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