Interpretation of IMD/IML mobile phone case and IMD/IML mobile phone case

IMD/IML mobile phone case and IMD/IML mobile phone case are one of the popular IMD/IML products. IMD/IML products vary in their manifestations.

Including surface coating, covering, covering, covering bamboo, covering wood, etc., while using the color and pattern of the surface sheet very flexible, in the production process


No need to change the mold, and the color and pattern are clear, not easy to fade, the molded IMD/IML products can almost always keep the surface fresh, the appearance seems to be able

Always young and beautiful, and wearable, and widely loved by consumers.

For IML products, since they need to be processed into PET film sheets and then integrated with plastics, they generally need to be printed, molded,


Important process flow such as injection molding, printing mainly includes color printing and four-color printing, which is often referred to as monochrome printing and offset printing.

Subdivided into many small processes, the difference is from the ordinary plastic injection molding products, the process is obviously more complicated, and the cost will naturally be higher. Due to IMD/IML products


The treatment of the surface is separate from the injection molding, so the IMD/IML product can exhibit a 3D stereo effect, can do a certain degree of curvature, plus color and pattern processing.

The flexibility is ideal for substituting flat shapes such as acrylic.


IMD/IML mobile phone case and protective cover mainly have the following characteristics:

1. The surface finish is high, never fades, and can always be bright and fresh;

2. The color, pattern, LOGO, etc. can be changed at any time during the production process without changing the mold, which can not be found in other processes;

3, the product has a long service life, the surface is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant;

4, printing accuracy ± 0.05mm, can print complex and multi-color patterns;

5. In addition to the flat shape, the shape of the IMD/IML product can also be the shape of a curved surface, a curved surface, a beveled surface, and the like;

6, the product does not contain any solvent-based glue, in line with environmental requirements.

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Post time: Aug-07-2018
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