How to choose the suitable phone case?

Now everyone can’t do without the mobile phone, which is an important part of daily life work. The mobile phone case has also come into being. The good mobile phone case can not only protect the mobile phone, but also be pleasing to the eye, making people happy, and all kinds of mobile phones on the market. The shell is full of eyes, how can you choose the right mobile phone case? The mobile phone shell manufacturer-HXS has prepared a small guide for you to teach you the correct choice of mobile phone case.
First, the appearance of the phone case
When buying a color shell, first check if the color of the color shell is similar to the color of the surface. Simply put, the plastic material used in the white casing is recommended to be white, and the plastic material used in the black casing should be black. If the background color is similar to the surface color, even if the surface coating of the color shell is scraped off in the future, it will not become ugly. The specific inspection method first turns the color shell over to see if its inner surface color is the same as the outer surface; secondly, see if the color of the color shell is uniform; once again, see if the printed pattern on the color shell is within the specified range, if the pattern edges are Extending to the inner surface of the color shell, the process of this color shell is not very good, it is recommended not to consider; in addition, remember to check whether the shell body has scratch marks and other

Second, the phone cover button
If you buy a mobile phone protective case with a key or keyboard, you should pay attention to the quality of the button when you purchase it. Generally, the keyboard attached to the color case on the market is divided into soft rubber keyboard, plastic keyboard and soft plastic combination. keyboard. The advantage of the soft keyboard is that it is cost-effective and does not damage the phone keyboard
Third, the mobile phone protective cover mirror
Generally, the mirror surface of the mobile phone protective case can be separated from the main body of the mobile phone protective case, and the two are connected by a double-sided adhesive or a glue bonding method, and considering the firm relationship, it is recommended When purchasing, refer to the following method: If the mirror surface and the shell body have a certain curvature (not a plane) and the contact area between the mirror surface and the shell body is small, the glue shell should be used to connect the mirror shell and the shell color shell.
Fourth, the degree of fit
After installing the protective case of the mobile phone, you should carefully check whether the protective cover of the mobile phone fits the mobile phone. The specific test method is: after installing the shell, first use the eyes to see if the shell is distorted; secondly, press the shell with a softer force. If the sound is more obvious, the mobile phone case and the phone are not very Fit; see if the opening is accurate, does it affect the use of the function.
Five, mobile phone shell technology, materials
The type of mobile phone case is also diversified with the increase of mobile phone brand and function. According to the texture, there are leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic, etc., according to the type of PC shell, silicone, leather case, crystal case, water shell , mesh shell, diamond, frosted, environmentally friendly PC shell metal shell, plastic and carbon fiber. A large number of beautiful shells are pleasing to the eye, especially for customizing your own photos. There are many varieties to choose from, and you can choose according to your favorite style.

Post time: Aug-23-2018
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