• Post time: Aug-23-2018

    Now everyone can’t do without the mobile phone, which is an important part of daily life work. The mobile phone case has also come into being. The good mobile phone case can not only protect the mobile phone, but also be pleasing to the eye, making people happy, and all kinds of mobile phon...Irakurri gehiago »

  • Post time: Aug-07-2018

    What is IMD? What is IML? Many people who have just come into contact with this industry and crafts are not aware of these two concepts, and the people in the industry may not explain enough, so that everyone has been difficult to figure out. The following small series explains the two concepts i...Irakurri gehiago »

  • Post time: Aug-07-2018

    IMD/IML mobile phone case and IMD/IML mobile phone case are one of the popular IMD/IML products. IMD/IML products vary in their manifestations. Including surface coating, covering, covering, covering bamboo, covering wood, etc., while using the color and pattern of the s...Irakurri gehiago »

  • Post time: Sep-21-2017

    *Don’t abuse the phone. You’ve invested good money in your phone, so you expect it to last a long time. The thing is, even though your cell phone is of high quality, there is still a chance that it will break apart and stop working, especially if you don’t take good care of it. Because of t...Irakurri gehiago »

  • Post denbora: Jan-20-2017

    Welcom Hong Kong Elektronika Fair (Spring Edition) bisitatzeko 13-16th Apri 2017 (Osteguna igandera) Hong Kong Convention eta Exhibition Centren ere. berri asko im teknologia eta elementu berriak askatu egingo dugu Azoka honetan. Atsegin handiz gonbidatzen zurea gure stand bisitatzera gehiago ikasteko eta etorkizuneko winwin bat egin. Irakurri gehiago »

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